Fashion Apps You Can Download Now


Back in the day, you would need fashion magazines to learn more about the latest fashion trends. Today, you can instantly access the entire fashion industry with just one click without leaving your couch. That is, as long as you have any of the following innovative fashion apps, you can download them.

Fairy Season

Fairy Season is a professional online store dedicated to providing you a chance to meet the clothing that looks and feels like a dream, in high-quality, unique-design and low-price. And the most important thing is that you can shop whatever, wear whatever, and be whatever. We believe we can make a difference.



The interactive gaming app for the fashion set is founded by Lucy Yeomans, a former Porter editor. Drest is like the Dollz computer games you used to play when you were a kid, except that this one is all grown up. The best thing about Drest is that it lets you dress your photo-realistic avatar and buy the pieces directly via Farfetch. Plus, there are a bunch of your favorite luxury fashion brands like Gucci, McCartney, Burberry, and Bottega Veneta, to help you make your dream wardrobe a (virtual) reality.

Object Limited

Object Limited is one of the best-kept secondhand shopping secrets that features vintage sellers and creative and cool tastemakers from all over the world. Use this app to help you find your next pair of dreamy vintage boots, ’70s trousers, or designer trench. Plus, they offer plenty of good deals, and the curation is cute and vintage-heavy.


Do you consider yourself a fashion collector? If that is a yes, then you probably have several pieces collecting some dust in your closet. Why not monetize them and earn extra income? With Wardrobe, the top luxury, and vintage rental platform, you can let some other users rent your clothes for a per-day fee. That means you can also rent from other Wardrobe users. Though Wardrobe founders are going to expand, the app is only available in New York City, with the company offering free rentals to those women who are interviewing for new gigs.

PS Dept

PS Dept is a platform that allows its users access to a personal fashion consultant 24/7, especially for those who do not already have their stylists on speed dial. Whether you’re in search of the perfect over-the-knee boots or looking for an outfit for an upcoming wedding, you can search through PS for one specific piece or the ensemble as a whole. The app partners with several stylists from a collection of stores and brands, including Stella McCartney, Net-a-Porter, Chloé, Derek Lam, and more. Plus, this app gives shoppers free access to expert advice. You can shop directly through the app, once you’ve found what you’re looking for.


Like to Know It

Like to Know It is an app that allows us to track down the chicest and most stylish piece. Once you sign-in on the app with your email, any Instagram account you like with a shopping link will automatically send you an email of the ready-to-shop product link directly. The app is not seamless, but it is an easy way you can turn your favorite blogger’s Instagram feed into a shoppable wish list.

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