Basic Clothing For A Baby Girl To Ensure Warmth In The Winter


Dressing up a baby girl can be difficult in winter. Your little mini-me needs extra layers to keep her warm in the cold weather, as well as to keep an eye on her inability to regulate her temperature.

Dress your baby with an extra light layer as warmly as you dress yourself

If you’re wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans, you should dress up your daughter in a similar style but with a light undershirt. If you put a hat on and a coat when going outside, you should also do the same for your baby girl. Although it can be tempting to over-dress her, doing so can make them uncomfortable and too steamy for her.

Opt for soft, warm fabrics

Soft fabrics like fleece and Faux mink are great options for baby jackets and blankets. When it comes to interior layers, opt for fabrics that will insulate your baby’s body and not absorb much moisture, such as silk and lycra. Other fabrics, such as cotton and linen, are very breathable and will not keep your daughter as warm as these materials. Therefore, save cotton shirts for the warmer months.

Pick out the first layer for your baby

First off, start with a basic layer. As you go outdoors, you can add another layer to it. As for the first layer, a long-sleeved onesie, pants, and socks will be enough for your daughter. If you want to dress her up, be sure to cover her legs with tights.

Create a second layer for your daughter

From the basic layer, you can add things, either a sweater or a light jacket, when going outside. Try to avoid over-dressing your baby. In most cases, your child won’t stay outside for very long, so as much as possible, keep her layers light so she won’t get uncomfortably hot if left in her extra layers while still inside.

Take a test using a car seat

Here’s a simple trick to test if your baby is overdressed or not. Use the car seat as a test. If your child can’t fit comfortably into their car seat, then they are overdressed with so many layers inside. For small babies in a car seat, an easy option is to cover the entire car seat with a warm blanket, which you can remove right away once you get inside.

Monitor your baby’s temperature

Due to undeveloped circulatory systems, it is best to feel their back, stomach, or armpits, rather than just their hands or feet, to get a good indication of a baby’s body temperature. If the skin is red or too hot, or she’s fussy and inconsolable, it is more likely that your baby may be too hot.

If they are shivering or the armpits or the back of their neck are cold, then your baby may be too cold. To keep her comfortable, always monitor your baby’s temperature. This way, it will also give you an idea of how hot she gets in certain situations and locations.